How Rune makes your business better

# He thrive to create an internal performace focused culture.
# He generates an internal focus on value, by enganging value based management.
# He train, counsel, and work as a sparring partner for senior executives.
# He conceptualize business development projects fully aligned with the business strategy to strengthen the achievement of objectives.
#He has a practical and businesslike approach in the projects he is part of.

Rune specializes in business development. He starts by putting himself in your shoes to fully understand the business logic and the organization. Based on the this information gathering he developes a plan or a template, describing how to reach goals, and thereby realizing the undefined potential of the business.

Bertel O. Steen

Bertel O. Steen AS is one of Norway’s largest service and trading companies, and has its headquarters in Lørenskog municipality. At year-end 2011, the Group had 2,660 man-years and operating revenues of NOK 11.7 billion.


Betonmast is one of the most rapidly growing construction companies in Norway. Betonmast covers most major markets in southern Norway, Østfold via Bergen to Trondheim and Gothenburg in Sweden. Of our 16 subsidiaries, 14 are either contractors or hardware stores, the last two are realestate, and in construction services. We are currently 900 employees, and had a turnover in 2014 of NOK 3.0 Billion.

Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson is a Swedish hardware store chain and mail-order firm that specialises in hardware, home, leisure, electrical and multimedia products. It is one of the biggest of its type in Scandinavia, with a total of approximately 180 Clas Ohlson stores as of October 2013. Stores also exist in Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom and Dubai.


Colorful is, with its 120 stores, the largest paint shop chain in Norway. The chain has a turnover of approximately 1.6 billion and is 100% owned by Malorama AS.


Nille is a leading Norwegian discount chain, offering bargains for nice occasions. The chain, owned by BC Partners, has over 360 stores in Norway, and opens 15 to 20 new stores each year. Nille has over 2000 wonderful employees, and a annual turnover of more than NOK 1.7 billion.


Varner-Gruppen AS is the largest actor in the textile retailing trade in Norway with approximately 500 stores around the country, including Bik Bok, Carlings, Volt, Cubus, Dressmann, Solo, Urban, Vivikes, Wearhouse, Levi's Store and WOW. The stores are located throughout Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic Countries, Germany and Poland. The group has more than 1,100 stores in total.