EPL invests in early stage innovative businesses with a potential for global scale. We do angel investments, ranging from $25,000 to $300,000.


Next generation senior living. The concept is developed and confimred to solve mulitple big problem for the senior population. Currently waiting for gorvernment regulations to approve the next phase of the project. Recieved $100,000 in government grants.


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Smart Hotel

When founded in 2003, it was Norway's first budget hotel, Norway's first non-smoking hotel, and Norway's first fully digital hotel. No cash, only plastic. The idea and concept was created and develoepd by Rune Glasoe.

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A Norwegian Seafood Company committed to serve the best quality, and the freshest fish to the People of Shanghai.

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St Svithun Hotel

St Svithun Hotell is situated centrally in Stavanger Norway, next door to Stavanger University Hospital (SUS). The hotell is available to everyone and has been operational since 2006, employs over 35 people and is Kronengruppens largest hotell.

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Was one of the leading P2P providers, globally.


Delivering a solution tailored to the unbanked, and underbanked population in the world today. Strives to create a society where everybody will be able to move into the world of digital currency.

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Wave goodbye to transaction fees forever! Send & request money, pay in stores, buy & sell airtime and access a POS system, all for free with the SPENN mobile banking app. Presence in 11 markets globally.

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We simplify communication. Zoaring started in 2012 with the ambition to make learning more efficient. This approach to communication made it possible for us to work with some of Norway’s largest brands.

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