About Us

Our story

Etos Patos Logos, or EPL, was founded with the vision to become a innovative, solid and long-term family business. After ver 20 successful years in operation, we still stay true to this vision. Everything we do and engage in, have been built around our clear foundation and basic values. The following mindset is added to everything we do – we want our work to be remembered as EPIC.

E - Enjoyment

We attack each and every challenge with a positive attitude, and have fun solving them. With positive attitude comes motivation, with motivation comes inspiration to do great work.

P - pioneering

We are always chasing for new and innovative solutions. If you want a competitive edge, it doesn’t help to copy the competition, you need to improve upon their work, or even better, innovate!

I - integrity

We treat people with respect and honesty, and expect the same treatment in return. We focus on transparency, and keep all key stakeholders close at all times to minimize risk, encourage discussion, develop a culture for innovation, and increase chance of success.

C - commercial

Everything being implemented WILL provide greater measurable value as the end result. It will do so while maintaining a focus on simplicity (why over complicate?), practicality and feasibility.

idea development
startup devlopment
advisory services
business development

Our name

Ethos Patos Logos comes from the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC). In 1990 Rune Glasø took over as director of the Hotel Caledonian in Kristiansand, just 28 years old. At the time the hotel was an institution in the Norwegian hotel industry, largely because of the hotels "father" and director for 25 years - Alfred Hauge. Alfred’s main advice to new and young director, was an introduction of what had been his management philosophy through the past 25 years – Ethos (credibility) Pathos (empathy) Logos (logic). He stressed the secret of his success to be linked to the use of these in the order presented. This is a philosophy that has followed Rune Glasø ago and which form the foundation of the mind set of Etos Patos Logos AS.

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