Rune Glaso


Who am I :Idea Developer And Business Development Expert

Born :June 17th, 1962

Title :CEO at EPL AS

A short introduction to Rune Glaso

Rune has a Bachelor’s degree from the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger. In 1997 he chose to relinquish his job as COO of Select Service Partner, to start his own business, RG Enterprise. An exciting journey with various acquisitions, mergers etc. Ended with his company joined Circus AS in 2000, and established what is today called Gyro AS - the largest Nordic event company.

Rune has on his journey developed broad experience and knowledge in project management and project development of internal organizational development, with special emphasis on the area performance development. He has worked at the intersection between sports and business for several years.

In recent years, Rune worked as a personal adviser for senior executives within different sized companies, especially related to national and international retail chains. Through good business understanding and their ability to quickly familiarize themselves with the various businesses / business image, helping Rune effectively, how a business can achieve positive growth through a stronger corporate culture.

In addition to working as an advisor / sparring partner for other contractors, has Rune through the company EPL exercised the role of entrepreneur / investor, and developed their own projects and businesses. This implies that EPL also currently acts as an active investment company with its own investment portfolio.

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